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Alice Springs Emergency Department

Alice Springs Emergency Department

EM on the EDGE is an eLearning course designed by clinicians working in Emergency Medicine.  The course has been developed with the aim of providing clinicians with a broad introduction to principles of Emergency Medicine.

The course is designed for medical officers, nurses, paramedics and students working (or preparing to work) in emergency care. All resources are peer reviewed and are continuously reviewed and updated. Feedback is always welcome and greatly assists with aligning the course with participant’s learning needs.

Getting Started

The course is hosted on the LearnEM moodle platform and is part of a wide range of courses delivered by LearnEM. Before a user can access the EM on the EDGE course they need to create a user account for the LearnEM Website. This is free but requires a valid email for the account to be validated. Create LearnEM account.

Please note some firewalls or email spam software will prevent you from validating the account. If this occurs please contact LearnEM using the contact link for this to corrected (usually within 24 hours).

Use the “eLearning” drop down list in the navigation bar above to access the eLearning modules. You will need to access your username and password to access the page.

The first time you visit a week you will be asked to enrole in the course (this is free and will not be required on subsequent visits to the page). If you are using a tablet ensure you dock the blocks on the right side of the page by clicking the icon in the top right hand side of the box.

About the Course

The Course is delivered in 15 sections (or weeks) and incorporates adult learning principles to provide formative and summative assessment for the participant. Topics are presented using (short) introductory eTutorials, interactive clinical cases and self assessment quizzes. The course is compatible with tablets including the ipad. Instructions are provided for viewing the eTutorials on an ipad.

EM on the EDGE explores a wide range of topics including acute chest pain, headache, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, altered conscious state, seizures, acute poisoning, first trimester bleeding, wound management and wound closure, major trauma, orthopaedic injury, eye and ENT emergencies, paediatric emergencies, mental health emergencies, ECG and ABG interpretation. Additional resources including procedural videos are currently in development and will be added as they become available.

Coordinator for EM on the EDGE

Co-ordinator for the program is Dr Peter Stuart. Peter is an Emergency Physician and Director of Emergency Medicine Training at Modbury Hospital, Adelaide SA. He is also Clinical Director of the SA Rural Emergency Skills Program (RESP) and Clinical Director for the SA EMET programs for the SA South East region and Riverland regions. Peter can be contacted using the contact page in the navigation bar above.

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